Dealing With Autism Blog

Join me in my ongoing journey with autism, parenting and just getting on with life. Together let’s also share the joys that our children bring and although I may be well down the autism path, our family still has its interesting moments and I still face the daily challenges which life in general throws my way. Not every thought and post will be autism related because after all, my whole life is not autism related!

Want to Write a Guest Blog Post?

I invite you to be a part of this community and to share your story right here. Tell us what’s happening in your life. Not only will you feel that you are not alone as you read the stories of others, we might also provide a glimpse into our lives for those people who have no idea what goes on daily with the unexpected arrival of autism into our homes. Your story may be about something humorous, yes funny things do happen in our lives, your story may be about how you were told of the diagnosis or your story may be about school experiences. Whatever you wish to share, we want to read.

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